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First Zoom meeting

April 28, 2020

Zoom meetings are all the rage now that we have to observe social distancing. With everyone safely in the comfort of their own homes, we held our first Wednesday lunchtime meeting with at least 25 members participating and delighted that the meeting was such a success for those who managed to operate the new system. Mark Jennings gave us a fascinating insight into the workings of our NHS explaining how well they have done during this pandemic though not so well for our politicians. If you would like to see the slide show, it can be seen in the members' area.

Economics and Development

February 19, 2020

Ben Brunckhurst, a Global Grant Scholar from Brisbane with a background in engineering and economics gave us an excellent talk about his passion: the development of Sub-Saharan Africa.  As a step towards his goal of helping African nations, he is studying for a MSc in the Department of International Development at Oxford University. What a great ambassador for Rotary International!

Burns Night

January 29, 2020

The Club celebrated the great Scottish poet Robbie Burns with a traditional supper in Cumnor Old School.  A great time was had by all, with grateful thanks to the team who cooked, served and cleared up afterwards!

Oxfordshire Big Band Concert

January 25, 2020

Almost 200 people at Exeter Hall were thrilled by the music of the
Oxfordshire Youth Big Band, with many taking to the floor
dancing to the sounds of Glenn Miller classics and a wide range of music,
coming right up-to-date with the songs of the fabulous Amy Winehouse.
At the end of a wonderful evening, £1000 had been raised for each of  our two
charities: a generous benefactor later increased this by 50%

'Youth Speaks' debate held at Wychwood School

January 16, 2020

'Youth Speaks' debate for Intermediate (11-14 yr old) and Senior (14-18 yr old). The picture shows the senior winners Wychwood School D who go through to the zone final on 13th February. The intermediate winners were Matthew Arnold School B who take on winners in other areas on 8th February. Congratulations to all who took part.

Lots of fun at our Christmas Dinner

December 18, 2019

Whatever is going on?  After the meal we played "snog, marry avoid" and here are guests voting on some of the members.  Prizes were awarded for the most marryable, kissable and avoidable members.  

Meet Stella, our new Global Grant Scholar

October 31, 2019

Stella has won a Rotary Global Grant Scholarship to study evidence-based health-care at Oxford University.  Oxford North is her host club. The photo shows her giving a short presentation at the recent "Meet the Scholars" event.  Our District is hosting over 30 Scholars this year and they are a very talented group of future leaders. 

Lyon Nord Visit

September 20, 2019

The Rotary Club of Lyon Nord visited us from 20 - 22 September.  On the Friday evening our guests were hosted for dinner in various members' homes, while on Saturday we all went by coach to Bath to see the famous Roman Baths, the Abbey and the Georgian streets and houses.  In the evening we met for dinner just outside Oxford.  On Sunday there was a joint meeting followed by lunch in an Oxford restaurant.  The photo shows an exchange of gifts between the two presidents.

Business lunchtime meeting

September 10, 2019

Each month we hold a business meeting to keep track on what we do to raise money and to ensure that what we do is enjoyable.

At the end of the meeting, Sally Bromley who has Parkinson's stood up to give an emotional speech. Please read this to remind ourselves why our President has chosen this particular charity. Thank you.

Good afternoon and thank you for choosing Parkinson’s UK Oxford branch as one of your chosen charities.

My diagnosis was over eleven years ago.  I thought I was prepared, but no, I heard those 3 little words, You Have Parkinson’s, and I heard nothing else of that consultation.  Such is the impact.

Parkinson’s is a complex condition with no two people having the same symptoms such as... a shuffling walk, a stooped gait, loss of your sense of smell, excess saliva, anxiety, loud and active sleep, slowing up generally, and the distinctive tremor, and it’s a chronic and progressive illness.

I am the Chair of the Oxford Branch of PUK and we are an upbeat group.  We are proud of the links we have with the hospital clinicians, OPDC, Ox Uni and Brookes Uni. Members volunteer for research studies into non-motor symptoms such as motivation, depression, apathy and reward. 

Our fundraising efforts are used to support a range of exercise opportunities, respite care, grants to go to Italy for a week of intensive therapy, visits, lunches together as well as research projects in Oxford.  Our major fundraiser, the Oxford Walk is coming up on Sept 22nd.

Most of us fear our future.  We smile, we chat, we have a cuppa, we tell our families and friends how well we are.......when we have a good day.......and avoid these things when P takes a hold on us on a Parky day.  


We rely on the dedication of scientists, technicians and data analysts in their quest to reach a mitigation of this condition that can so cruelly consume bodies.


It will take time, it will be the focus of many conferences, it will involve still more clever people, it will create further collaboration between other institutions, both national and international, to reach our goal. Each of us living with Parkinson's would so love to be able to say:

I used to have Parkinson's


Sally Bromley ( Parkinsons UK)

Sept 11th 2019

The circus comes to town

September 09, 2019

John Lawson's family circus in Kidlington was where many Rotary members collected money for Parkinson's and Down's Syndrome. Thanks to all who came along to offer their support.

International Evening

August 27, 2019

Our international evening went really well with great food, a great venue and a wonderful atmosphere. Many thanks to all who helped especially Chris and Tizzie who offered their grounds at such short notice

Marquee erectors for International 2019

August 25, 2019

The motley crew who erected the marquee at International evening at Chris and Tizzie's home on Wednesday 28th Aug 2019

Global Grant Scholars

August 20, 2019

Each year we act as the host club for Global Grant Scholars, supported by Rotary Foundation. This week, we sadly had to say goodbye to Takeshi Mori, who has been studying for a Master's degree at Oxford University.  He has been sponsored by Himeji Chuo Rotary Club in Japan. Next academic year we hope to have a Scholar from Germany.

Sobell House Gardening

July 17, 2019

Keeping the gardens of Sobell House weed-free.

4 sessions of gardening: 18th July, 15th Aug, 19th Sept, 17th Oct

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