In 1974, thanks to the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of Oxford, the charter of the Rotary Club of Oxford North was given to its founding members under the baton of Frank Dennie, the then new president.
There are still two members in our club who were founding members, Mike Taylor and Bob Buckingham.

We have many long-standing members with us, some well into their 80's and enjoying the energy and conviviality of our club. Back then, the meeting place was at 333 Banbury Road, North Oxford, although the club was asked to move, as apparently the members were not drinking nearly enough!  They eventually found their way back to 333 Banbury Road and stayed until the site was sold off.
We now reside at The Cotswold Lodge and drinking is not a issue there!

Although the club administration remains the same, back then there were appointments which included an Attendance Officer and a Speaker Secretary.  Nowadays, we don't need a Speaker Secretary as everyone in the club has a duty to find an entertaining speaker, and in the erudite and ever-changing face of Oxford, that isn't usually a problem.  Attendance was taken seriously back then and some members may find that not having an Attendance Officer now is a huge relief for them, as a number of our members are still very active in work, while others have family and community commitments. 

Regular attendance is definitely encouraged as it brings in the news, the ideas for future activities and events, and ensures members are supported and appreciated. 

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