Club Service
The Club Service Committee is concerned with the general running of the Club.  It organises the Club programme for meetings and events and looks after the club membership.
Community Service
This is the traditional and well known face of Rotary which involves help and assistance to the aged, the handicapped, the infirm, young people and all those in need either directly or through local charitable organisations.
International Service
The International Committee works to give help and assistance directly to those individuals and countries where major disasters have happened throughout the world such as earthquakes and floods etc.  The Committee also carries out work with other humanitarian and educational projects often in developing countries, which are working to improve food production and dietary intake and Educational programmes etc.  It also promotes international cooperation by maintaining links with our twin clubs Rotary clubs Simmern Hunsruck in Germany and Lyon Nord in France.
The Mission of the Rotary Foundation is to support the efforts of Rotary International in fulfilment of the Object of Rotary, Rotary’s mission and the achievement of World understanding and peace through local, national and international humanitarian, educational and cultural support programs. The Foundation relies on the enthusiastic support of Rotarians voluntarily giving generously of their time and money, and has become one of the foremost non-governmental foundations in the world. It is said that every minute of every day Rotary will touch the lives of millions somewhere in the world. The Rotary Foundation is one of the world’s leading charitable foundations and each Rotarian can be justly proud of its achievements in the past, present and in the future.
Vocational/Youth Opportunities/Rotaract
This committee seeks to develop the vocational development of the community by, for example, sponsoring youngsters on 'outward bound' courses.
Projects / Fund Raising
This committee will seek and develop new fund-raising and social events events for the club.